The Author

Jean-Daniel Lemoine

2 allée des Pervenches

F-91570 BIEVRES  (France)

Tel: 33 1 69 41 09 48

Fax: 33 1 69 41 82 33

SIRET: 489 243 386 000 13.  Maison des Artistes : L663247

Jean-Daniel Lemoine has worked for 15 years on image processing and particularly in the field of digital prints, today one of the up-to-date artistic techniques. The computer creates the matter of the picture, the graphic tablet releases the gesture and the display previews a result which is printed on an inkjet large size printer. Despite apparent ease, this work requires  from the artist an extensive training to forget the high-tech tools he uses and to fully concentrate his attention to picture creation, similar to the traditional painter.
Particularly aware to the size effect of his pictures, Jean-Daniel Lemoine endeavors to preserve or even amplify details of the work. There is a reading at several levels: added to a global overview, when approaching, a new detailed exploration is offered, these details being the raw material of the work. With Pixochromographies, he has chosen resolutely aesthetisising digital prints.

His works are printed on fine art paper but also on canvas ranging in size from 20′ x 20′  up to 64′ x 40′.